Pat Johnston Talks Marijuana Legalization on WSGW–May 4, 2016

Pot Legalize

Had another great time filling-in for Art Lewis on his WSGW show on Wednesday. Started with some brief thoughts about the Indiana Primary, and then delved into the main topic of the show: Marijuana legalization in the state of Michigan.

Here’s Part One of the show:

And here’s Part Two of the show:

For additional information on the ballot initiative effort:

The Detroit Free Press gives background and current polls showing a majority would support such an initiative.

Tim Skubick explains how getting enough signatures to place the proposal on the 2016 ballot is down-to-the-wire.

AP reports how legalization of pot in Colorado hasn’t resulted in more kids smoking the drug.

Don’t forget how marijuana legalization efforts across the country are hurting the drug cartels!

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Detroit Lions Show Competency?

Hear my thoughts on the Detroit Lions draft picks over the weekend, and how they might have done something right for a change!

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Lions Show Draft Competentcy


This week’s “Pat’s Sunday Sports Take” from WSGW’s First Day congratulates the Detroit Lions for conducting a rather boring yet productive draft in 2016.

Your thoughts?

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Wednesday Indie Music Day–Moving Panoramas

Moving PanoramasA day late posting this week’s indie music pick.

I decided to go with a group from Austin, TX, who released their debut album this past Fall.

Moving Panoramas consist of guitarist Leslie Sisson, drummer Karen Skloss, and bassist Rozie Castoe. They produce a sharp yet subtle indie-guitar rock sound that, while not overwhelming, keeps you guessing what will come next.

The album, One, has received some positive reviews, especially for its title track. However, I’d like to feature “Radar,” which I simply love and just had to play it for WSGW’s First Day audience this past Sunday.

To learn more about Moving Panoramas, visit their website, twitter or Facebook pages.


Tuesday Music Minute–She Keeps Bees

She Keeps Bees

My Sunday morning cohort  Michael Percha has a fantastic segment on our WSGW First Day show in which he gets to pick a song to play. You see, I have five music minutes during the show, and Michael has to make the most of his music segment each and every week at 8:45am.

This week, Michael featured a song by Brooklyn-based band, She Keeps Bees. It’s from their 2006 album, Minisink Hotel, and it could be me, but I think Sharon Van Etten  may have been slightly influenced by vocalist Jessica Larrabee. Or vice-versa. It doesn’t really matter. They’re both awesome!

For additional info, visit them on Facebook.

So, sit back and enjoy Michael’s segment from the show as he introduces “Fangs.” I’ve provided the entire song at the end of this post.


Gov. Snyder Takes Break From Flint Water


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder broke news last week when he announced he and Mrs. Snyder would drink Flint water for 30 straight days!

Bold leadership!

Snyder wanted to show that he could be one with the struggling people of Flint, who are stuck drinking lead-poisoned water under his “leadership.”

Well, his 30-day pledge didn’t last all that long:

Snyder made the big announcement last Monday: “I completely understand why some Flint residents are hesitant to drink the water, and I am hopeful I can alleviate some of the skepticism and mistrust by putting words to action.” He took three 1 gallon jugs of filtered Flint tap water home with him. 

While some were skeptical of the “Challenge” considering the small amount of water Snyder took home (3 gallons of water, split between Snyder and his wife, who said she’d also partake, only amounts to 3/4 cups a day), the real skepticism should come with more recent news: On Saturday Snyder jetted off to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy for trade discussions.  

Would the Flint water be coming along?


Snyder is paying a public relations firm some good money to help him through this crisis. Did this firm advise Snyder to flee the state–on a Saturday–to do some trade relations work? If so, he should demand his money back.

How many Flint residents traveled with Snyder to those European Socially-Democratic countries where their water is safer to drink?

Doesn’t look like any of them, frankly.

Good times!

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