Bill Maher’s Exortation To Liberals

Once in awhile, liberal comedian Bill Maher feels the need to show the world he’s not totally in the bag for the Left.

BillMaherHe did that again on last week’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Maher took liberals to task for not acting like liberals when it comes to Islamic extremism.

Maher is an atheist, and he lays into people who believe in any religion, but he seems to hold a greater disapproval for the Muslim faith.

Here’s his final “New Rule” from last week’s show. I’ll share some thoughts after the video.

Warning: Video contains some bad language and some offensive images:

For the most part, Bill is correct. I feel liberals do at times get all twisted in knots trying to defend Islam in the name of fairness and multiculturalism. If liberals do care about human rights, then liberals must call-out Muslim extremists with the same fervor they have exhibited in attacking the Catholic Church for covering-up child molestation for years and years.

Maher nails it when he says liberals must fight for the separation of church and state in Muslim countries with the same exuberance they do right here in the U.S.of A.

Where Bill gets it wrong just a bit is that he refuses to acknowledge there is nuance in life and the world.

True, liberals and all of America should be calling-out the anti-woman practices evident in the extreme sects of Islam. Why we don’t call-out Saudi Arabia on its government-sponsored “War On Women” is a major fault of the United States, but we can’t because of oil.  Heck, we can’t even call-out Saudi Arabia for conducting weekly beheadings.

To better illustrate the counterpoint to Maher’s exhortation is religious scholar Reza Aslan, who made a recent appearance on CNN:

Wow! I think Don Lemon and Alysin Camerota understood midway through the interview that they were getting destroyed.

Nuance matters.

I have a feeling Aslan won’t be allowed back on CNN. I do believe, however, that Maher will invite Aslan to return on his show in the near future.

I’d say Maher scored legitimate points. I’d also argue that Aslan scored points, and in some ways, showed why generalizations are dangerous.

I’m reminded of this brief showdown between Maher and journalist Glenn Greenwald from a year ago.

Why Is Rush Backing Goodell?

Rush Limbaugh has been offering a vigorous defense of embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as the the league deals with domestic violence and child abuse charges amongst some of its star players.

RushSteelersI’ve been spending the last few weeks asking myself this question: Why is Rush defending Goodell.

I mean, Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice issue was shoddy and made the league appear indifferent to the fact that its more prominent players have been caught beating the hell out of girlfriends, fiances, or wives. Knowing that women comprise of a considerable–and growing–chunk of the NFL audience, Goodell appeared dumbfounded when the backlash over his weak suspension of Rice erupted.

The optics were bad when he levied a paltry two-game suspension on Rice over the much-reported domestic assault incident. And we’re now learning that someone in the Baltimore Raven organization had a good idea of what transpired that night in a casino elevator between Rice and his then-fiance. We’re also aware that the NFL allegedly received the horrifying tape last summer.

NFL players receive stiffer penalties for pot possession–pot, by the way, isn’t a physically enhancing drug. True, a criteria for players busted for possessing marijuana. or for failing a drug test existed under the league’s collective bargaining agreement, while no such criteria existed for players beating-up women. It’s beyond me why players signed-off on that aspect of the CBA, considering how marijuana laws are starting to relax in certain states.

But I digress.

The reality is the reality: Players served harsher sentences for smoking pot than they did for physically assaulting women. It’s a problem that didn’t go unnoticed in social media:

That Ray Rice originally received a two-game suspension last summer was outrageous enough. We knew how and who knocked his wife out cold. Goodell and the Ravens knew, too. Once the tape revealed how brutally Rice hit her (which could’ve resulted in death, don’t forget), Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens knew the game was up. They had to let him go ASAP.

In the end, complaining about the media coverage, or arguing how this is another example of the “chickification of America,” doesn’t erase the glaring and disturbing mistakes committed by Roger Goodell.

And because the media covered this event, Rush and other Goodell apologists chose to turn their attention to the “liberal” media rather than to the people who created this mess–Rice, the Ravens and Goodell.  Covering this tragedy and possible cover-up was some type of liberal plot to extinguish the NFL, or something like that.

To prove his point of how hypocritical the insipid liberal media can be, Rush cited a story by The American Spectator’s  Jeffrey Lord, in which Lord listed the various sports and general journalists who’ve been arrested for domestic violence. While it’s an interesting read, Lord’s article doesn’t absolve Ray Rice for beating his wife unconscious, and Roger Goodell’s ineffectual and lukewarm handling of the incident thereafter.

And while it may be true that on a percentage basis the NFL has lower incidences of domestic violence than the rest of society (thanks to a college education, I would suppose), that still doesn’t mean Goodell and the Baltimore tried their best to possibly cover-up the ugly incident involving one of their best players, who previous to this incident had a stellar image the league highlighted.

In the end, complaining about the media coverage, or arguing how this is another example of the “chickification of America”, doesn’t erase the glaring and disturbing mistakes committed by Roger Goodell.

If you recall, Goodell once said pleading ignorant is not an excuse. Yet, that’s what he’s trying to claim when he says he had no idea that a tape existed, and that Rice had lied to him on how his wife appeared unconscious on the original tape.

The rules are always different for those in power.

Some leadership.

Still, Rush is protecting and defending Goodell.

And that leads to my original question: Why?

It’s simple, for me at least.

It’s a class thing.

People like Goodell, or sports owners, or athletic directors, or CEO’s, or media stars, or even politicians are part of an elite group. No matter how wrong they are, they must be protected. Hence, that’s why Attorney General Eric Holder never tried to prosecute a Wall Street executive for playing a role in destroying the economy.

They all have each other’s back.

Blaming the liberal media or feminism provides some good fodder, but pointing blame at someone else is a way divert attention from the real person to blame.

Let’s say Goodell  did eventually resign, I have a feeling he’d be fine with his $44 million dollars he’s cashed in his bank account this past year. He won’t be starving.

And like our politicians, I’m certain Goodell would land on his feet “working” on the board for some huge corporation or bank.


Wednesday Indie Music–Broken Bells

It’s October, and it’s the Wednesday Indie Music pick of the week.

Let’s go with a song I featured on WSGW’s “First Day” show a few years ago by Broken Bells called, well, “October.”

It’s from their self-titled debut album released in 2010 (already four years ago?), and it provides a nice start to my favorite month of the year.

Don’t forget to visit check-out more from their catalog.



Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks–Week 4 Picks

Check-out my how my “Pat’s Perfect Picks” for Week 4 of the NFL season sounded on WSGW’s First Day.  You can read the text below the link. GO STEELERS!

Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks, Week 4 Edition


It’s that time again for the most prestigious and exciting three minutes in Sunday News-Talk radio across this great land. That’s right, it’s time for the Week 4 edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW’s First Day!

Alright, I’m not liking how I’ve started the 2014 season. For the last two weeks, I’ve finished with a 1-2 record, giving me a grand total of four wins and five losses.  In Week 3, I told you Seattle would teach Denver a lesson. Yes, Seattle won, but they taught Denver how to blow a fourth quarter lead with under a minute remaining! I told you the Buffalo Bills would take-down the San Diego Chargers. They didn’t. And I told you the Green Bay Packers would destroy the Detroit Lions, and your Lions once again proved me wrong!

So, if you’re a Lions’ fan, you should hope that I pick against Detroit for the rest of the year!

It’s time for me to take this year seriously.  Let’s get serious!

Here’s the Week 4 installment of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks!”

bearsLet’s begin in The Windy City where we have a classic NFC North showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. I wish I could pinpoint what’s going on with the Cheesheads, but they’re not looking real good at this juncture. Heck, the lost to the Lions! The Bears are back home after earning a pair of road victories–one of them against San Francisco. The Packers have won seven of the last eight games in this bitter rivalry, but I’m not not sold on their defense. And while the Bears haven’t played stellar football, they haven’t lost back-to-back home games since 2003. It’s going to be a close one, but I’m going with the home team.


49ersThe Philadelphia Eagles visit the aforementioned San Francisco 49ers. Like the Packers, San Fran has struggled out-of-the-gate, losing two straight games. There’s a buzz that head coach Jim Harbaugh has lost his team’s interest, which is why whispers are floating out there that Harbaugh could be headed to Ann Arbor next year to assume head coaching duties. The Eagles are 3-0, but they haven’t played a complete game in any of those wins. Not only that, but Philly’s offensive line is getting decimated with injuries. I expect the 49er offense to control the ball with a powerful running attack led by Frank Gore, which will keep the potent Eagles offense off-the-field.

Give Me the 49ers OVER the Eagles–27-21!

MartyAnd finally, your 2-1 Detroit Lions visit the Big Apple this afternoon to take-on the New York Football Jets! The Lions keep getting injured after losing LB Steven Tulloch with a knee injury sustained while dancing after sacking Aaron Rodgers. TE Joseph Fauria could miss today’s contest as he apparently sprained his ankle while walking around his house! And QB Matthew Stafford escaped injury as he witnessed a bridge collapse right in front of him on the Southfield Freeway! Even when the Lions win they have zero luck. But they have more luck than the Jets. Don’t you want to know why? Because, sports fans, the offensive coordinator for the Jets is infamous Lions head coach, Marty Mornhinweg! Maybe Marty will tell Jets head coach Rex Ryan to defer in overtime if they win the coin toss.

Give Me The Lions Over the J-E-T-S–28-20!

And that’s the Week 4 edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW’s First Day!

Blog Back Up

Servers were changed this week, which is why I wasn’t able to do much blogging since Monday.

We’re back up now, and I’m back, too!