Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks–2014 Preview

I’m geeked for the start of the NFL season! Not that I think my Pittsburgh Steelers are going to make a whole lot of noise this year, but I just want football back–despite Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attempts to destroy it.

Pat FootballOn WSGW’s First Day show, I have a segment called “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks,” where I give you my three surefire picks of the week. Since WSGW is based in Michigan, obviously the Detroit Lions are the consensus favorite team.  As you’ll hear below, I give my prediction on how many games the Lions will win this year. Then, I predict who’ll play in the Super Bowl. Newsflash: It’s not the Lions.


Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks–2014 Preview & Predictions. From the 8/31/14 edition of WSGW’s “First Day.”


Ferguson Reveals The Truth of Mistrust

I had some random thoughts on the Michael Brown shooting death in Ferguson, MO last Sunday on WSGW’s First Day show.  Why this firestorm erupted from this particular tragedy, the long-held mistrust between people of color and police, and Al Sharpton are all discussed in this week’s “Pat Political Point.”

FergusonSorry I was a bit late posting this.

I always look forward to your comments.

“Pat Political Point” from WSGW’s “First Day, ” 8/24/14: Ferguson Reveals Mistrust.

Monday Music Minute–Elvis Costello

A little late getting this week’s “Monday Music Minute” posted.

elviscostelloI guest-hosted WSGW’s “The Morning Team Show” on Monday, and for the show’s wake-up song, I played Elvis Costello’s “Alison,” in recognition in his 60th birthday.

It’s always been a favorite of mine by Elvis, and it’s got a perfect blend of rock, blues, and punk for me.


Why No Blogging Last Week

Blogging has been sparse during the past couple of weeks.  Visits from friends and family, combined with the daily chores both at home and work, has chewed-up a majority of my time.  When I’m ready to blog, my brain is too exhausted.
I’ve had much to say about many of our current events, particularly what’s been happening in Ferguson.  Actually, I’m happy I didn’t write about Michael Brown’s death because everyone else was having their say.  I’m not sure I could’ve added something different, although I finally talked about it at some length on my WSGW Sunday morning show.  I’ll provide a podcast of my
Essentially, I’m hoping to write more in the near term, and that includes my daily music minutes, which I’ve also ignored.​

The Robin Williams Impact

I used my “Pat Political Point” segment on WSGW’s First Day this past Sunday to focus on the tragic passing of Robin Williams, and the impact he had during my early years.

RobinWilliamsAs you’ll hear, I talk about how his role in Good Morning, Vietnam inspired me to someday work in radio.  I also share how his character in Dead Poets Society taught me to “swim against the stream,” once in awhile.

I received some positive feedback on the segment, but I received this email which bothered me somewhat:

Mr Johnson,
They are only actors.  I could not help but notice that you did not mention his drug and alcohol abuse over his lifetime, maybe this contributed to his health issues, and several marriages. Lets hope our young children do not look up to these types as you do.

It wasn’t his misspelling of my name that bothered me. Rather, it was this flippant attitude some in this country have towards “actors,” as if they have nothing of value to contribute to society.

I responded that Williams suffered from depression, which is a disease.  This caused him to abuse certain substances, which is also a disease.  We should have compassion for those suffering from those afflictions.  I added that if we’re supposed to discount people because they’re actors who have multiple marriages, then I no longer want to hear about the greatness of Ronald Reagan.

Was Robin Williams a flawed man?  Of course.  Is there such a thing as a perfect human being?  If so, please point me in their direction.  I’d like to meet them.

Is his life filled with several examples of selflessness?  Absolutely. Ask the military members who referred to him as the “new Bob Hope” due to the numerous trips he made to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Or read about the work he performed to help St. Jude raise awareness and funding for children dealing with cancer.

True, Robin Williams was a comedian and an actor.  If you choose to dismiss his entire life’s work because you deem those professions unworthy of your respect, then please, do just that.  But you’ll fail to see how Williams impacted millions of people on the stage, on the screen, and behind the scenes, as well.  He made people laugh, think, and cry.  He used his power of celebrity to help people throughout the world.  He made us try to forget–for a moment–about the daily grind of life.

Yes, he’s someone I’ll never be ashamed to say I admired.

“Pat Political Point” on Robin Williams. From the 8/17/14 edition of WSGW’s “First Day.”