Wednesday Indie Music Day–Fear Of Men

Stumbled across this British band last month and became an instant fan.  Fear Of Men are releasing their first album, Loom, on April 21, but I’ve decided to share with you a song that’s not on the album.

FearOfMen“Outrun Me” is the first song I heard from the band, and if this song is an indication of what’s to come from Loom, then I’m sold.

Click here to learn more about the band and their album.


GOP Plan Would Keep Obamacare Protection For People With Pre-Exisiting Conditions?


Because if any GOP “alternative” plan keeps the Obamacare provision preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions, insurance companies would still knock some people off of their rolls.

You see, people with preexisting conditions are a bit expensive for insurance companies to cover. In order to save money, they’ll end coverage for some people.

Would the GOP really want to do that? Think of the negative political ads!

Besides, would the GOP still be Gung-Ho on repealing Obamacare in 2017 knowing they’ll end insurance for perhaps 17 million people?

Again, doubtful.

You’re seeing why the GOP will and is having a difficult time developing an “alternative” plan.

Tuesday 90′s Music Nostalgia Break–Arrested Development

“People Everyday” is a song that has definitely stood the test of time.  It could be released today and still send fresh as ever.

ArrestedDevelopmentSocially conscious 90′s rap just can’t be duplicated.

From their 1992 album, 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of…, here’s Arrested Development.


The Part Of America Who Wants Everything Handed To Them

PatLawCourtsDo you remember the story of Ethan Couch?  He’s the rich Texas teenager who got drunk, crashed his car into a group of people on the side of the road, resulting in the deaths of four people while injuring two others–leaving one of them paralyzed.  Yet, instead of facing the most extreme penalties from the law, Couch’s lawyers successfully argued that he couldn’t be bear responsibility for the damage he caused because he suffered from “affluenza.”  It’s supposedly a disorder in which people are so rich, they just don’t know right from wrong.

Couch is serving 10 months probation, which requires treatment.  But who exactly is paying for this treatment?

WFAA reports:

Couch’s parents will have to pay $1,170 per month. A placement officer said the actual cost of Vernon State Hospital is $715 per day. This means that they’ll be paying for less than two days of every month their son is there. The rest will come from the state mental health care budget.

The officer told News 8 that the hospital requires families to pay on a sliding scale.

Couch’s parents were back in court Friday morning to sign off on their share of their son’s mental health treatment costs.

Texas taxpayers will pay for majority of Couch’s rehab, even though the parents could afford to pay the entire bill.

I always hear about how it’s the poor–or the 47% of Americans–who believe in free things and want everything handed to them without earning it.  The poor are the ones who refuse to take responsibility for their lives and leave it to the rest of us to pay for their sloth.

What the hell is this?

If anything, it’s the rich who get special treatment whenever they fail in life.  It’s the rich who get things handed to them whenever they act irresponsible (think 2008 Wall Street bailout).  Thousands and thousands of Americans go to prison for minor drug possession, while major multi-national bank HSBC allows Latin American drug cartels to launder billions of dollars, and yet no one is prosecuted or goes to jail.

Such is life, I suppose.

Do you think the judicial system would’ve been as lenient had Ethan Couch been, let’s say, a 17-year poor black kid?  You know the answer to that question.


Monday Music Minute–Moore Media Records

Due to utter procrastination, I failed to post Hilary Farrell’s “Monday Music Minute” last week.  Let’s make amends for that error this Monday.


A couple of Sundays ago on our WSGW show, First Day, Hils shared a song by the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan-based band, The Watching Eyes.  The track is part of a brand new album released by the Central Michigan University student-run record label called Moore Media Records.

Like The Back Of Your Hand features songs by locally-based artists, and is produced by students from CMU’s School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.  To hear more of the album, you can find it on iTunes.

Click below to hear Hilary talk about the album and intro “Sacrifice” by The Watching Eyes.


Monday Music Minute with WSGW’s Hilary Farrell–The Watching Eyes.

And don’t forget to follow Moore Media Records on The Twitters!

“War On Spring Break” Dissent

I continued my discussion on “The War On Spring Break” on yesterday’s First Day show on WSGW.  In keeping with the original spirit of my write-up last week, I argued that every generation has its partying elements which make the older generations cringe.  That’s why I wanted to again remind all of the outraged baby boomers how Woodstock wasn’t exactly what I would describe as one giant innocent summer camp!

Well, one of our listeners disagreed with my statements, and here’s what they emailed me:

(I)n a way I see what you mean and one thing is sure, these young people are already out of the nest and if they have the money to go to Florida on spring break, you cannot stop them; only pray.

You neglected to mention the DEATHS that occur during these Spring Break orgies.

And I take exception to your painting these kids as “studying, studying, studying.” I recently read an article about a study of the any students who regard the entire College experience as one big party. Students who have little interest in learning and who take powder-puff majors such as “Communications.”  So I strongly suspect that many of the kids who attend these orgies are exactly this type.

I am also fairly certain that many parents do not know what is going on during these events.  I was surprised myself to learn it is a lot more than just “blowing off steam.”  The piece mentioned sex out in the open on the beach, mass inebriation, crimes committed against these kids by locals, and of course the occasional death due to over-intoxication, falling out of balconies, etc.  Yes they have the right to do themselves harm, but parents have the right to know about the risks.

Finally, last but not least, I am surprised that someone who is perfectly ok with a powerful government agency such as the IRS denying conservative groups participation in the political arena, should whine about “freedom”.

This email helps solidify my viewpoint of how much some conservatives believe in The Daddy State.  You get a better illustration of what I’m talking about with The Daily Show clip I included at the end of this post.

As for the IRS comment, did I miss how it “denied conservative groups participation in the political arena?”  In case you’ve forgotten, the IRS also “targeted” liberal groups, too.