Wednesday Indie Music Day–Cloud Nothings

If you heard WSGW’s First Day with Pat Johnston & Hilary Farrell a few weeks ago, for the second time I featured a song by the Cleveland band, Cloud Nothings.


They’ve released a new album called Here and Nowhere Else, and the first single, “I’m Not Part Of Me” simply rocks.

To learn more about the group and their new songs, visit their website.

Tuesday 90′s Music Nostalgia Break–Guns N’ Roses

I tried to fight it during my middle school years of the late 80′s, but I couldn’t resist the power of GnR by the release of their epic 1991 album, Use Your Illusions.

gunsI didn’t like the hairband schlock of the late 80′s and early 90′s whatsoever.  As a huge fan of classic rock, I couldn’t grasp why people had such devotion to those bands.  The music didn’t reach me.

That probably explains why I tried to fight Guns n’ Roses for the longest time.  I wanted to waive them off as just another “hair band,” but their music sounded different from the rest.  Yes, there were heavy guitars and Axel’s screaming, but the music harkened back to the old days of Rock n’ Roll.

And then when I first heard “Don’t Cry” on my stereo, I was literally blown-away.  It showed how the group had progressed through the years, and how bold they had become.  It had a great mix of 90′s hard rock combined with a sound from the 60′s and 70′s, including what I call a “Beatles-like” ending with Slash playing a little melody completely unconnected with the song.

Enjoy!  I know I will.


Monday Music Minute–Wiretree

This week’s “Monday Music Minute” with WSGW’s Hilary Farrell has a Great Lakes Bay Region connection.


During our Sunday show, First Day, we air a segment known as “Hilary’s Song Of The Week.”  It’s her chance on the show to introduce or simply highlight a tune she finds interesting–and thereby hopes some of our listeners will as well.

This week’s song, the ever-pleasant “Marching Band,” is by the Austin, Texas-based group Wiretree.  Apparently, a couple members of the group visited family members in Michigan for Easter, and one of them took some time-out to chat with Hils!

You can click below to hear Hilary’s awesome segment as it aired yesterday.  And don’t forget to visit Wiretree’s website to learn more, including their band new album, Get Up.

I’ve provided the full song after Hilary’s segment.


“Monday Music Minute” with Hilary Farrell–Wired Tree

Solving Nothing

The Michigan Legislature (in a reportedly bipartisan fashion) is looking for more inventive ways to waste tax dollars.

potThe Detroit Free Press reports today how there’s a bill in the works that would utilize a questionable testing method to determine if someone is too stoned to drive:

Under a bill proposed in Lansing, Michigan could become the first state to adopt a roadside saliva test that aims to tell police whether a driver is impaired due to consuming pot.

Saliva testing is being pushed by a bipartisan group of Michigan legislators and championed by the Michigan State Police. But researchers who’ve studied the test method said results are inconsistent and especially misleading when applied to regular users of cannabis, such as the more than 100,000 Michiganders who are allowed to use medical marijuana.

According to the article, the saliva testing for marijuana is a poor method to determine if a person’s impaired to drive.  Unlike alcohol which quickly permeates throughout the body and can thus be easily measured through the blood level, marijuana’s THC levels can’t be as easily determined because THC affects the nervous system, and saliva is outside the nervous system.

The more important reason for this law is probably best explained by Republican state Rep. Dan Lauwers:

Under Lauwers’ proposal, motorists would not be arrested simply for failing the saliva test but only after being pulled over for “erratic driving,” the lawmaker said. The saliva test would add confirming evidence to justify an arrest, just as portable breath testers do in cases of drunken drivers, Lauwers said.

I’m all for keeping our roads safe, but this bill appears to be just another way for authorities to incarcerate more people.  There is an amendment to the bill granting a waiver to Michigan’s 100,000 thousand medical marijuana users.  But if we’re advocating for safe roads, why not keep the same standards for those who are allowed to smoke medical marijuana?

The legislature is pushing forward with this legislation despite all of the unanswered questions, the most glaring being how reliable is this test?

Incidentally, which company would provide these tests, and has this company done any lobbying in Michigan?

Wednesday Indie Music Day–Fear Of Men

Stumbled across this British band last month and became an instant fan.  Fear Of Men are releasing their first album, Loom, on April 21, but I’ve decided to share with you a song that’s not on the album.

FearOfMen“Outrun Me” is the first song I heard from the band, and if this song is an indication of what’s to come from Loom, then I’m sold.

Click here to learn more about the band and their album.


GOP Plan Would Keep Obamacare Protection For People With Pre-Exisiting Conditions?


Because if any GOP “alternative” plan keeps the Obamacare provision preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions, insurance companies would still knock some people off of their rolls.

You see, people with preexisting conditions are a bit expensive for insurance companies to cover. In order to save money, they’ll end coverage for some people.

Would the GOP really want to do that? Think of the negative political ads!

Besides, would the GOP still be Gung-Ho on repealing Obamacare in 2017 knowing they’ll end insurance for perhaps 17 million people?

Again, doubtful.

You’re seeing why the GOP will and is having a difficult time developing an “alternative” plan.